1. Young Author’s Conferences

    May 24, 2016

    Though I enjoy visiting schools, and I appear at 50+ middle and elementary schools annually, I have to admit that working with students at Young Author’s Conferences is my favorite thing to do.  It’s a privilege to work with students who have declared an interest in writing and the arts.  In each and every session I can see the excitement in the young author’s thfaces and sense how eager they are to get started.  As a bonus, I often get personal feedback from the kids, who share what a great experience it is for them.

    I was recently at St. Ben’s  College for a YA conference sponsored by Resource Training & Solutions and managed by Sandy Cordie.   A student, who I’ll just call B to maintain his privacy, left a touching note on my desk:

    Dear Mr. Durbin

    Hi, My name is B. I’m from UK. I never really liked reading. When I read THE BROKEN BLADE I got inspired (instantly!). I never thought you would be my teacher!  You inspired me to start writing and drawing. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    Now your student, B

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